Provides required elongation in mooring configurations with HMPE and steel wire


BEXCOFLEX ® compared to NYLON

    Smaller size and weight compared to nylon tails
    According to OCIMF guidelines, synthetic tails should have an MBL of 25% higher than the MBL of a mooring line. Tails made of polyamide (nylon) should have a 37% higher MBL than a mooring line because of the loss of strength when wet.
    Better UV resistance
    Marine finish
    TCLL (comparable to pure polyester and significantly higher than for nylon)
    Elongation (comparable to polyester)


    Material: High-tenacity BEX®-yarn and High-tenacity polyester
    Construction: 8-strand braided
    Treatment: Marine finish
    Color of Rope: BEXCOFLEX® - white plus a red marker yarn
    Approx. Spec. Density: BEXCOFLEX® - 1,1 (non floating)
    Melting Point:     165° C / 260° C
    Abrasion Resistance: Very good
    U.V. Resistance: Good
    Temperature Resistance: 70°C max continuous
    Chemical Resistance: Good, solvents and strong oxidizers may have a mild effect
    Dry & Wet Conditions: 
Wet strength equals dry strength

General features

Coil length: none, tail length upon request
Spliced strength: ± 10% lower
Weight and length tolerance: ± 5%
Diameter: ± 2%
MBL = Minimum Breaking Load conform ISO 2307
Breaking strength without splices or any other termination.

Other sizes are available on request.