Multi-functional abrasion protection for any type of rope


DELTAWEB® has been developed for protecting a splice against wear and tear. It’s a fabric woven from the highly abrasion-resistant BEXCOLINE® composite yarn i.e. high-tenacity BEXCORD® & high-tenacity polyester. Because DELTAWEB® is made from the same material as our usual covers, it will not change the weight or the handling of the rope significantly. DELTAWEB® can also be applied on a rope in use, giving the rope additional protection if the original cover is worn. Also usable for repair. 


    Made of high-tenacity BEXCORD ® & high-tenacity polyester
    Color: white

General features

Spliced strength: ± 10% lower
Weight and length tolerance: ± 5%
Diameter: ± 2%
MBL = Minimum Breaking Load conform ISO 2307
Breaking strength without splices or any other termination.

Other sizes are available on request.