Bexco’s well-established, in-house developed SPM rope construction from the Ultraline® range. Ultraline® polyamide hawsers are manufactured in accordance with OCIMF 2000 regulations.


    Circular braided design ropes
    Parallel nylon cores with a braided protective cover of polyamide
    Excellent abrasion resistance
    Cores optimized for strength and fatigue
    Higher strength and better design life
    OCIMF approved


    Materials: Polyamide (nylon)
    Construction: Load-bearing cores with a protective cover of polyamide
    Treatment: Marine finish
    Color of Rope: White with green marker
    Approx. Spec. Density: 1,14 non-floating
    Melting Point: 215°C
    Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
    U.V. Resistance: Excellent, due to jacket
    Temperature Resistance: 80°C max continuous
    Chemical Resistance: Reasonable; acids, oxidisers & solvents will affect nylon
    Dry & Wet Conditions: Wet strength ± 5% lower than dry strength
    Weight: +/- 5%
    Diameter: +/- 2%


*MBL spliced

General features

Coil length: 220m
Spliced strength: ± 10% lower
Weight and length tolerance: ± 5%
Diameter: ± 2%
MBL = Minimum Breaking Load conform ISO 2307
Breaking strength without splices or any other termination.

Other sizes are available on request.