Bexco introduces Maximus®, a coated rope with Dyneema® fibres for Ultra Large Container vessels

The trend for ever-larger vessels has dominated container shipping in the last decades. Carriers are looking for economies of scale whilst at the same time not compromising on safety and service. The use of bigger vessels has created the necessity for sturdier mooring ropes, which are bigger in diameter and heavier in weight. This is making them much harder to handle for vessel crews.

Bexco is now introducing Maximus, a mooring rope specifically developed for larger vessels. Maximus is made with Dyneema® fibre and can be produced with different diameters, strengths and lengths in function of the vessel’s hardware. Maximus will comfortably meet break load requirements whilst taking into account the desired rope diameter in accordance with winch specifications. Diameters can be reduced up to 50% in comparison to other synthetic ropes achieving similar breaking strengths. Bexco’s Maximus® is four times lighter in weight than the most commonly used synthetic mooring ropes and seven times lighter than steel wire.

In addition to the ease of handling, Maximus also increases the safety of the crew on board. Commonly synthetic ropes snapback when they break. A synthetic mooring rope lashes back with great force due to its high elasticity. The Dyneema® component in Maximus® limits the stretch of the rope, meaning far less snapback. In fact, the impact area around the rope is dramatically reduced, making it much safer for crews to operate.

Maximus is coated using a special in-house-developed coating and drying procedure. The coating allows for continued ventilation keeping the strength of the rope intact. At the same time, abrasion common to synthetic ropes is limited, significantly extending the lifecycle of the mooring rope.

Maximus has been deployed successfully on some of the world’s largest containerships.

Bexco’s CCO Rudi Labeau commented: “When vessel owners and operators consider the best mooring solution for their large vessels they should take into account the overall cost of ownership of the rope over its lifecycle. What we have experienced with existing customers is that once crews are accustomed to handling this much smaller, lighter solution they do not want to change back.”

Maximus® has been developed by BEXCO at its manufacturing and R&D facilities in Hamme in Belgium in cooperation with DSM Dyneema B.V.

For more information on Maximus®, please contact Monique Thienpont on 

Bexco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of synthetic rope for offshore, maritime and industrial applications. With three generations of craftsmanship and innovation, Bexco has served the mooring and lifting needs of shipping, heavy industry and offshore oil and gas production platforms alike the world over in some of the most hostile environments on the planet.



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