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Deepwater Mooring

DeepRope® is the industry standard in safe and secure offshore mooring solutions, supporting the world’s largest
ultra deepwater installations.


Single Point Mooring

Bexco is one of the few type approved and certified providers of Single Point Mooring Hawsers in the world, connecting oil and gas majors’ points of supply with transportation in the mid-stream of the supply chain process.

Offshore Heavy Lifting

Bexco offers a range of purpose-built heavy lift and installation ropes and slings made with Dyneema ® as custom-made solutions for major offshore contractors.



Offshore Installation

Our rope solutions are used for the commissioning to the decommissioning of various offshore installations. We offer several rope constructions in different materials such as Dyneema® fibre, Polyester and Aramid. Thanks to our modern R&D facility, we can perform comprehensive testing of rope constructions in different configurations allowing us to produce slings customized to the specific needs of our customer environments.


BEXCO has entered the emerging market for renewables. Our rope solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications such as the mooring and installation of floating windmills, wave and tidal energy installations and underwater kite parks. Our ropes aredeveloped to the specific needs of our customers.


BEXCO can also provide a comprehensive range of equipment for offshore mooring systems designed to suit the specific requirements of different locations and water temperatures. We supply following items in full assemblies for first installations or separately as spare parts:


Mooring hawsers
High-quality messenger lines
Support buoys
Pick-up ropes
Chafe chains
Associated fittings

Rope Eye protection

As a standard offering, the eyes BEXCO Heavy lift UHMWPE slings with Dyneema® are protected with heavy-duty clothing. The clothing used is highly abrasion-resistant and remains flexible under working conditions. An extra protection can be given to chafe endangered places on a rope by applying a polyurethane elastomer on the protection cloth.

Hard eye protection: eyes may also be protected with heavy-duty steel thimbles. The high-strength thimble protects the rope and maintains the proper bending radius when it is connected to mating hardware.

Filter Cloth

Depending on the installation procedure there may be a potential risk that the rope is dropped on the seabed.

Although this in itself has no impact on the rope it is possible that seabed particles may diffuse into the rope. These particles will have a deteriorating effect on the strength of the rope during its usage life due to their abrasive nature.

To avoid this, filter material can be inserted between the cover and the core. The filter stops particles of 5 μm or larger.

Handling Points

Handling points (or clump weight connection points etc.) can be attached to the eyes and the body.