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Your tender

At BEXCO we believe care and attention for detail begins with a detailed and well-presented proposal at tender stage by one of our expert engineers. You will notice that our approach to tenders is personalized in order to provide you with a solution to your operation, not just a manufactured fiber rope. You will find all the technical details, type approvals, the rope itself, hardware, services and stock in one comprehensive package.

Certifying your rope

Depending on your rope type and application, comprehensive certification packages are put together for your rope including description, drawings, certificates, handling and installation manual. Any identification which is required to be attached to the finished rope is typically engraved into a metal plate which is fastened securely to the rope. It typically contains the following data:
Purchase order number
Rope reference number
Rope minimum break strength
Rope diameter
Rope length
Class certification number

Managing your project

A BEXCO team will be assigned to your project, who will work closely with your account manager who remains your first point of contact. In the case of complex projects, regular conference calls or on-site customer visits at their offices as well as customer visits to BEXCO are planned into the schedule to fully understand your needs and to follow up closely on any changes to specifications or production schedules. Our key business partners around the world as well as our new Director of Sales in the US are also regular visitors to our facilities in Hamme and Antwerp, ensuring a personal follow-up of your project.

Our main engineers and account managers are based at our Hamme headquarters in Belgium, sitting next to and liaising with our production team as well as HSEQ, procurement and logistics departments to ensure a smooth, carefully-managing project from order to final delivery sign off.

Testing your rope

BEXCO’s new, sophisticated in-house R&D facility has been operating since 2015 and performs comprehensive testing of all of its synthetic rope constructions in different configurations. These include breakload testing, stiffness and fatigue testing, influence of twist and small D/d ratios. Some of these tests span weeks and in some cases months of continuous testing to meet the rigorous demands of both class and client.

Installing your rope

Each project is different, with its own set of unique challenges and last-minute changes. Our experienced engineers and craftsmen will be on hand to guide you in the installation of our synthetic rope solutions so you can benefit from the optimal performance of our ropes. Our engineers supervise the installation from start to finish. They advise on the placement of thimbles and other hardware, the correct manipulation and lifting of the ropes and perform risk assessments with you where necessary.

Maintaining & repairing your rope

The care for our ropes doesn’t stop after we hand them over to you. Our experienced craftsmen travel to locations around the world to assist customers with the maintenance of their rope. Our staff is equipped to work in the most challenging environments and advise crews on how to optimize the daily usage of the ropes to prolong their lifetime. When necessary, our craftsmen repair sleeves or ropes on board or in harbor. In addition, our senior engineers regularly visit customers on location to advise them on continuous improvement in performance, to train their seafarers in good maintenance practices and offer tips and guidance on preventive maintenance.

BEXCO also provides its customers with guides on splicing rope. An example of such a guide is the one for MAXIMUS mooring rope which you can download here.

Maintenance also means the timely provision of spare parts, especially hardware such as thimbles, shackles and sleeves. BEXCO provides repair kits for many of its product lines as well as a comprehensive guide to splicing.

Managing your stock

Thanks to contractual stock in the main ports in Asia and Europe, ship owners and operators can count on the timely availability of quality rope for their vessels at all times. BEXCO has recently successfully implemented its own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This business process management software has allowed BEXCO to further integrate and automate many of its business and back office functions related to purchasing, quality control, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.