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FLEXOR is a round sling using a three-strand core. This construction allows a combination of short lengths with high strengths, ensuring ease in handling. FLEXOR is designed for a long lifecycle and flexible usage.

The core is made with Dyneema® SK78 fibres and is protected by a double cover.

The outer cover is standard made of a BEXCO DURA-1200 sleeve. This custom-made sleeve offers maximum protection against cuts, punctures, snags and abrasion as well as UV exposure. The strength will be only affected after the covers have been worn through and the cores start to abrade. The eyes are designed to retain their shape during precision lifts and will resist any natural flattening whilst operating in harsh offshore conditions, allowing the use of smaller hardware.


    Construction: Load bearing cores in Dyneema® SK78 covered with a DURA sleeve made of HMPE
    Torque neutral
    Specific density: 0,975kg/m3 (floating)
    Melting point: 145°C
    Abrasion resistance: excellent
    Elastic elongation at WLL: +/- 1%
    UV Resistance: excellent
    Chemical resistance: excellent
    Water absorption: 0%
    Colour of rope: standard white with blue eyes; other colours on request


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