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BEXCO’s precision-engineered Ultraline sling with Dyneema®SK78 is a so-called parallel core construction. This construction consists of two parts, namely the core elements and the cover (see illustration). It is stronger than conventional steel wire rope, yet the corresponding weight is 8 to 10 times lower.

The core elements are three-strand subropes that are oriented parallel to the longitudinal axis of the rope. The cover is a braid (standard consisting of polyester), which provides dimensional stability to the rope structure and protects the cores from external damage. The three-strand core design is used because of the good stretch characteristics and excellent splice strength efficiency exhibited by this type of core design.

The braided cover is treated with a marine finish to further enhance the life of the cover under abrasion loads. The cover braid itself does not contribute to the strength of the rope.



    Construction: load bearing cores made with Dyneema®SK78, overbraided with a polyester jacket
    Torque neutral
    Specific density: depending on rope size, 0,975kg/m3 for the Dyneema® SK78 core and 1,380kg/m3 for the PES jacket
    Melting point: 145°C
    Abrasion resistance: excellent
    Elastic elongation at WLL: +/-1%
    UV Resistance: excellent
    Chemical resistance: excellent
    Water absorption: 0%
    Colour: standard white; other colours on request


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