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MAXIMUS® is an in-house developed rope made with Dyneema® SK78 fibers. It is a lighter mooring rope with reduced diameters (up to 50%). Achieving a comparable breaking strength, MAXIMUS® is four times lighter in weight than the most commonly used synthetic mooring ropes and seven times lighter than steel wire.   Maximus® can be produced with different diameters, strengths and lengths in function of the vessel’s hardware. BEXCO develops a custom-made Maximus® rope that meets break load requirements (MBL) as per the OCIMF guidelines while not exceeding the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the vessel equipment and taking into account the desired rope diameter in accordance with winch specifications. Also other specific customer requirements can be taken into account.  


    Material: Ultra – High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (Dyneema® SK78), BEXCORD®
    Construction: 12-strand braided
    Treatment: internal and external abrasion-resistant coating
    Color of Rope: white
    Approx. Spec. Density: 0,975 floating
    Melting Point: 145° C
    Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
    U.V. resistance: Good

    Temperature resistance: 70°C max continuous
    Chemical resistance: Excellent
    Dry & wet conditions: Wet strength equals dry strength

General features

Coil length: 220m
Spliced strength: ± 10% lower
Weight and length tolerance: ± 5%
Diameter: ± 2%
MBL = Minimum Breaking Load conform ISO 2307
Breaking strength without splices or any other termination.

Other sizes are available on request.




Container Ships
Passenger Ships
LNG and LPG carriers

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